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Phoenix eyelashes

Phoenix eyelashes are the trendiest style because they look fluffy, feathery, and very natural.
You can achieve Phoenix eyelash in different ways. Phoenix eyelash extensions are created by combining individual lashes or closed fans and eyelash extension fans of different lengths and curls.

How to Clean Your Eyelash Extensions

You should avoid cleaning around the lashes for the first 48 hours. After the glue has cured, properly cleaning the extensions will help extend their lifetime and prevent possible eye problems.

First, never go to bed with your eye makeup on. Going to bed with your eye makeup puts you at risk of blepharitis. The building up of bacteria on your skin causes blepharitis.


Since the goal is to keep oil away from the extensions, you should get oil-free removers to eliminate the eye makeup.

You are also advised not to use cotton balls, makeup wipes, or cotton pads to clean the extensions since they can damage them.


Instead, use specifically designed lash extension cleansers with antimicrobial properties to eliminate the bacteria around the eyes.

There is also a gel-based shampoo that you can use to clean the lashes without rubbing, pulling, or tugging them. Lash experts also recommend it to remove any other residual eye makeup.


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