Ramin Mohammadi,Founder of Phoenix HT

Phoenix History Line


First Ink Produced


Birth Of Phoenix Style


Birth Of Phoenix Removal


Back to Iran Due to Circumstances


Launch Of Phoenix Company

The Phoenix idea started in Africa. Africans love eyebrow tattoos because of their thin eyebrows.I began to design natural and modern eyebrows. Finally, I designed the phoenix style and started tattooing with American ink.
Much different ink I used and have continuously researched for better ink. I found the company with good ink. I ask them to switch the pigments to find the most excellent colors for the eyebrows. In the end, I reached to color and quality I wanted.

Africans loved Phoenix style.At that time, we did not choose the name Phoenix.After some time, I had many clients with old tattoos who requested Phoenix style.In 2017, I tried to be able to remove the old tattoos that were annoying so that I could implement the phoenix style.In 2019, I was able to achieve Phoenix removal.In 2020, I returned to Iran due to circumstances.

In 2021 we launched Phoenix Company in cooperation with other partners.Right now, we are proud to have high-quality phoenix products.Thanks to Phoenix partners and members.




We Produce Tattoo Inks and Tattooing Accessories , We Train students in Phoenix Academy.

  • 20 years of experience
  • Tattoo Inks & Accessories
  • Manufactured In US
  • Academy Training

Products of

Phoenix HT


Our products consist of tattoo inks and tattooing accessories. you can view all of them in our products page.

  • More than 20 years of experience
  • Over 100 trained members of Phoenix Academy
  • More than 20 branches